Come join me on my journey…

When was the last time you travel? Are you one of those who get a knot in the stomach by just the thought of flying? What is preventing you from traveling? Is it your health? Your job? Is it your family, household responsibilities or finances? What if you want to travel around the world and you have the financial resources to go anywhere but you are debilitated by sickness?

I will never forget the first time I flew. I was already in my senior year in college. As I sat in the airplane terrified, having a feeling of doom, unknowingly that one day flying will be one of my passion.

What if you can travel without flying? Where will you go? Do you prefer traveling solo or with someone?

2 thoughts on “Come join me on my journey…

  1. Congrats on putting yourself out there. There are always some Debbie downers! Have fun with this and you will grow. You will have a positive impact on others.
    I travel alone but would like to go with someone occasionally. I usually travel to a destination event.

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